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Opportunities for schools, parents and children

The Wheelienet Disability Awareness Program is an innovative and interactive sports and education program run by DRS. For more information please click the link above or contact Belinda: or (08) 82341533
28 Jan 2015
Trained Athletics Coaches will come to your school, provide training for your students and provide great merchandise for participants.
28 Jan 2015
This program has been developed to provide children from 5-10 years with the best possible learning and playing experience that enables them to develop a positive introduction to netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation within the sport.
28 Jan 2015
Using Achievement Standards and Content Descriptions, the Premier's be active Challenge could be used as the vehicle for learning at your school
21 Jan 2015
This presentation is a good way to start the PBAC in 2014 to educate our children so they are capable of making the informed decision for themselves later in life
17 Jan 2014